Development of WPI has halted. Unfortunately, the hosting service which used to host WPI has also been closed in the interim.

Welcome to the development wiki of the Wikidot Package Installer (WPI).

WPI is a Wikidot Installation tool that allows copying code (Wikidot Syntax) from a package file or cloning a certain category from any other public wiki (thanks to Wikidot's XML-RPC API).


WPI holds no responsibility for any problems with your Wikidot site after installing with this tool. However, we will try our best to resolve any problems caused by WPI's tool (excludes any package files created by other users) but there is no guarantee with resolution.
WPI v3 installer tracks it's usage in both it's wiki and the script itself. We record in out logs your present IP address, Package URL, Package index and Installation Site Name. The log is kept secure from the public.


V2 intergration improved and Webserver Change?

on 18 May 2010 07:14

Just improved v2 integration by auto-submitting the converted url. Cache in your browser and backend in the server may cause delay for upgrade the be seen.

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Clone a Category privacy patch

on 08 May 2010 07:41

I have just devised a privacy patch for the Clone a Category. Cloning a website will be disabled by default, however if you wish to enable cloning of the whole site or of a certain category, you can do the following:

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Bug Fix: Clone a Category

on 08 May 2010 05:24

I have just fixed a major bug. The Javascript code used to generate the url for Clone a Category to work was mapped to "localhost" causing the parser to grab the XML package from the local server. This has now been fixed and cloning is now fully functioning.

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v2.0 => to v3.0XML converter

on 26 Apr 2010 06:32

I have just released the v2.0 => to v3.0XML converter. I have activated it so that ALL of the requests from the old version will be redirect to the new one.

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Version 3.0 Beta is OUT!

on 25 Apr 2010 11:45

I created a new version of the Wikidot Package Installer (v3.0).

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