Basic Documentation

v3.0 - XML

Version 3.0 uses an XML Package File.
Below are the definitions:

  • <WikidotPackage> - Defines XML as a Wikidot Package
    • <page> - Create a page
      • <clone> - Clone page from another Wikidot Wiki
        • <site> - (Clone ONLY) site name of the clone page source (for - it will be "sandbox"
        • <name> - (Clone ONLY) page name of the clone page source (for - it will be "test"
      • <name> - the page name for the new page (e.g. blog:_template)
      • <title> - the title of the new page (e.g. Lorem Ipsum)
      • <tag> - tag(s) for the new page - separated by space (e.g. cheesecake muffin)
      • <parent> - the parent (page name) for the new page - (e.g. start)
      • <source> - the source of the new page in <![CDATA tags
      • <sourceurl> - the source will be taken from the url provided. Needs to be plain text (preferably ANSI or UTF-8)
    • <config> - Configure something from the admin:manage panel
      • <type> -type of config (e.g. autonumberate1)
      • <instruction> -the instruction for the user to configure (e.g. Set auto numbering for blog category)

Here is a sample v3.0 XML Package:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
        <title>Lorem Ipsum</title>
        <tag>lorem text</tag>
        <title>Lorem Ipsum</title>
        <tag>lorem text</tag>
Try to drag and drop this into the Wikidot textbox below!
        <instruction>Set autoumbering to this category</instruction>
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