Bug Fix: Clone a Category

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Bug Fix: Clone a Category
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I have just fixed a major bug. The Javascript code used to generate the url for Clone a Category to work was mapped to "localhost" causing the parser to grab the XML package from the local server. This has now been fixed and cloning is now fully functioning.

Another feature I'm going to release soon (hopefully tomorrow) - is the Clone trigger. My plan is to disable "Clone" by default. To enable it, my parser will request for a page called admin:_wpiclonelist and check if the page source contains your clone category. Source code should render something like this:

The code below:
* javascript:*
* css:*
* php:*
Renders this:
  • javascript:*
  • css:*
  • php:*

This code will allow the categories "javascript", "css" and "php" to be cloned but the other categories will be disabled.

The following code will enable all cloning:

The code below:
* *
Renders this:
  • *

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